How To Use Instagram To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Utilize The Power Of Instagram To Generate Online Traffic To Your Website

The savvy marketer will use all available traffic sources at their disposal to create a marketing strategy that will drive tons of traffic to their site daily in order to maximize sales and profits. One such traffic source is Instagram. Instagram is a mobile only social networking app that many marketers are using to great effect. As it is still fairly new (compared to Facebook and Twitter), many people and even big companies, are not on this platform yet but with a few simple tactics, you can generate quality website traffic from Instagram.


#1: Add a Website Link to Your Bio

The most common way to lead Instagram followers to your website is to use the “link in bio” tactic. Instagram lets you include one clickable link in your bio, so make sure you use it effectively. To add a link, go to Edit Profile and type it in the Website text box.

In Birchbox’s Instagram bio below, their link directs followers to a customer appreciation day promotion on the company’s website.

birchbox instagram profile bio

Make sure you include a website link in your bio.

With the tool, you can use your bio link to direct followers to a page with the same look and feel as your Instagram feed, where they can click images to purchase your products or read your content.

The New York Times has a link in their Instagram bio. When followers click the link, they’re taken to a curated page with the top stories of the day. Users can click on an image to see the story behind it.

new york times instagram images

The New York Times uses a link to drive traffic from Instagram to their online content.

With an analytics dashboard, you can gain key insights to see what content performs best. Focus on high-performing posts to form a content strategy.

By tracking clicks on Instagram, you can increase revenue and subscribers to online content (such as blog posts), newsletters or email campaigns. Of course, you’ll want to track your click-through rate, so use a shortened Bitly link or vanity URL to know where your clicks are coming from.

Overall, you can use this tactic for any links including an ecommerce website, YouTube channel or company blog. To take it a step further, create an Instagram landing page that captures email addresses through downloadable content like an ebook. The landing page design should mirror the look of your Instagram feed so there’s a visual connection for the user.

#2: Place a Call to Action on Images

Design Instagram photos that convert. You can layer a call to action and your website URL directly onto an aesthetically pleasing photo.

In Canva’s post below, the image has a call to action asking followers to enter a contest for a year of free access. The photo caption then directs users to click the link in Canva’s bio.

canva instagram image

Add a call to action to your images.

This technique is beneficial for Instagram contests where you ask your followers to enter their email information on your website. Now, you have a strong piece of shareable branded content that drives followers to your contest.

#3: Include a URL in Videos

Instagram video brings digital storytelling to life. In fact, videos on Instagram generate three times more inbound links than image posts, so it’s definitely worthwhile to invest in a 15-second narrative.

Brands like Dollar Shave Club use video in innovative ways to spice up their Instagram feed. Their videos work similarly to a television commercial.

dollar shave club instagram video

Include a URL in your videos to direct Instagram users to your website.

Dollar Shave Club’s videos include the URL in a text overlay and a voiceover (“Shave with a fresh blade anytime; try Dollar Shave”) that further drives Instagram followers to their website. The videos are quick, fun and engaging, making viewers want to learn more.

#4: Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram recently announced it was opening its API to all companies and brands. By investing in the platform, you can target the right audience demographic through people’s interests. With an ad spend alongside your Instagram strategy, you’re likely to see an increase in website visits and ecommerce conversions.

Clickable links in Instagram ads give you an opportunity not only to be creative, but also let your followers learn more about your digital campaigns or attribute direct revenue from Instagram.

There are three types of sponsored Instagram ads: image, video and carousel.

Image ads are single photos that tell a story with their imagery.

levis instagram ad

An Instagram ad with a single photo.

Video ads differ from organic Instagram videos. They can be up to 30 seconds long, and you can shoot in portrait or landscape format.

jaspersmarket instagram video ad

An Instagram video ad.

Carousel ads enhance your Instagram storytelling because they can include up to four photos. Retailers, car companies and non-profits have been at the forefront of this new ad product. All three types of ads include a clickable Learn More button that takes followers to your website.

instagram carousel ad

An Instagram carousel ad.

To create ads in Instagram, follow these steps in Facebook’s Power Editor.

With Instagram ads, you can create awareness in a broader audience and promote campaigns that prioritize conversions by tracking sales and views.


Although Instagram is a fantastic social marketing tool to drive traffic to your websites, the fact that it is purely a mobile app makes it difficult to use for a lot of businesses. Combine that with the fact that you cannot schedule posts, or use images directly from your computer, Instagram has its drawbacks. For this reason, many companies ignore this growing platform and are losing out on leads and potential customers by not engaging with them on Instagram.

Until now, many marketers have failed in developing software or tools that get around this huge problem but recently, I have come across a new tool called Instamate which allows you to control your Instagram accounts from your desktop computer. This means that you can schedule out your posts, source images or videos from your computer and so much more. This is a game changer in terms of making Instagram more accessible to business users. To find out more, check out this Instamate review.

How To Earn Money From YouTube

The Progressive Online Industry- How To Earn Money From YouTube

It seems the online economy is getting better when you consider the numerous juicy opportunities that are sprouting up every other single day. You’ve probably heard about YouTube – the largest user-generated video-based content platform today. But did you know that you could make a substantial monthly income out of it? In fact, there are people who solely depend on their YouTube earnings for their daily bread. As long as you have an active subscriber base, it’s possible to make over $3000 for every short video you post on the site.

Here’s a simplified guideline on how to earn money from YouTube.

1.) Start by creating your YouTube channel.

The best part of this part of this money-making venture, it’s that unlike most other online avenues, it’s entirely free of charge. However, don’t be expect to start cashing in large dollars right away. It takes a lot of effort, patience and perseverance to grow and market a newly created channel.

Armed with your new YouTube channel, you can begin uploading your original, short and interesting videos. I say short since many people today may not have 20 or more minutes to spare just to watch a single video. You can make videos revolving around the topics you find interesting such as product reviews, a new or little-known hobbies, celebrities’ profiles or even movies/game reviews. The clips could be raw shots or software generated. Nonetheless, remember to make sure that they are interesting, engaging and educative/entertaining.

2.) Market your YouTube- gain an audience.

The majority of the guides and online tutorials written on how to earn money online from YouTube will rarely place emphasis on marketing the videos. Nonetheless, bear in mind that your YouTube earnings are pegged on the level of exposure your content gets. The more people know about your upcoming channel, the more money you’re likely to earn.

On average, you’ll earn about $1.5 for every 1000 views of your video. So that means that you’ll need over 1000000 plus subscribers to pocket $1500 for each clip you upload.

This goes to show that you need to have a smart and aggressive strategy to market your YouTube channel. One of the best places to begin is through sharing links of your videos, accompanied with catchy titles, on social media sites and your personal website.

Don’t also forget to notify your subscribers regularly on your channel’s latest developments via dedicated emails or tweets. You should also use Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to promote your channel. You can even use paid advertising or media buying to grow your audience more quickly. Learn more about media buying here: iPro Academy 2.0 review

3.) How to monetize your videos.

YouTube, through Google AdSense, allows users to earn money from their videos by signing up for their pre-advertising program. This means that you’re allowing YouTube to place paid adverts on your videos in exchange for a small amount per click and per-view. Here, you will require the usual PayPal or valid US bank account to complete the Adsense’s sign up process.That set, your earnings can begin trickling in your account the more people watch and share your videos.

4.) Don’t forget to engage your audience.

It’s easy to be caught up and pre-occupied in marketing and producing your content that you forget to interact with your viewers. Get into a habit of answering their questions and responding positively to their comments, especially if you have just started a new channel.

21-yr old Marquess Brownlee, one of the most successful tech reviewers in the YouTube community started by filming his videos through a cheap second-hand handheld camcorder. It has taken him six years to amass over two million subscribers spanning over 1200 videos. Therefore, with patience and determination, you too can join the creme’ de la creme’ of this online franchise. Just check out one of his videos below: